Have you ever wondered why investors put so much emphasis on the team? Why isn’t it sufficient to have an innovative technology? If you’ve taken that extra step and conducted customer discovery and interviewed between 50 to 100 potential customers, why do you need to understand the market, the competition, the supply chain? Why is a commercialization or business strategy required – isn’t having a great technology enough? Unfortunately no…Bringing a technology to market is a complex process. Without sufficient information you will embark on what is bound to be an expensive and time-consuming journey, without a clearly defined destination and lacking the supplies that you will need to make it to the end. So why do investors put so much emphasis on the team? ….because they are looking for experienced scouts that can help a company more effectively chart a course to a lucrative destination. Before small businesses can afford an experienced team, they often seek information, utilize their native intelligence, and bring in consultants to help them chart a course. Let Dawnbreaker help you chart the way. Explore the services we provide.

Strategic Planning

We help you put it all together and develop a roadmap!

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"As we have become a more sophisticated product developer, Dawnbreaker has been there to provide the services we needed most, whether I am developing a manufacturing, licensing, or blended revenue model.”