Can you save time by building on existing technologies?

R&D takes time and sometimes you simply don’t have it – You need a solution now. Tell us the problem you are trying to solve and what capabilities the solution must have. We will then search for the best solutions that meet your criteria. Using a combination of primary and secondary market research methods Dawnbreaker will provide you with actionable information and help you find technology that you can use in its present form or that can be built upon to more quickly provide a needed solution.

Your customers know your competitors! Do you?

Maybe you believe that you don't have any competition, but your customers know better! Their needs are being addressed now – perhaps not as well, but if there is a need, someone is providing a solution. Learn about the competition and be prepared to differentiate your solution from that of others. Dawnbreaker's competitor analysis contrasts your competition on specifications, performance and price. Armed with this information we can help you create a compelling value proposition.

Be wary of big numbers!

You have a blockchain technology and the market is said to be HUGE- predicted to be $1000M by 2023! You’re convinced that your bound to make a lot of money….but, not so fast - Do the segmentation! Which application of blockchain can you address? Which geographic region? Small, medium, or large enterprises…Let Dawnbreaker help you understand your niche, the dynamics of that segment and then make projections.

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Who will take the best care of your baby?

You’ve done a great job with your R&D. You’ve been careful to protect your intellectual property – but those next steps to bring the product to market seem out of reach. There’s too much competition, scale up would be too expensive – so you’ve decided to license-out your intellectual property. The challenge before you is to find the best licensee to bring your baby to market. Let us help you. We will profile organizations that frequently cite your patents and dig deeper to determine their financial health, technology and market synergies, and experience with licensing-in.

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How should you spend your R&D funds?

There’s only so much water in the well and you want to spend it wisely. Originally developed to assess continued investment on invention disclosures, the StopLight Assessment is quick and cost effective. Our team takes a quick look at intellectual property, commercial offerings, research and development activities, market opportunity and provides a recommendation.

Do your target customers really want what you’re selling?

It’s easy to delude yourself and believe that or course, your target customer wants to buy what you’re offering – but is that the truth? If you fail to ask your customer about important features at the design phase, you risk building a product that they will consider inferior. If you don’t understand when your customer buys or how much they are willing to pay, you may invest too little or too much during scale up. Both of which create problems. If you need assistance in gathering voice of the customer information – let us help you. We scale our initiatives to be appropriate for the decisions you need to make.

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Unless you are willing to use great information, you may as well not have it – but what should you do? Dawnbreaker strategists will help you understand the implications of the information our market research team has gathered and help you develop an actionable plan to reach near, mid and long-term goals. Meeting goals are filled with challenges – but we will be there to help you climb over, under and around them in order to realize your vision.

The Customized Market Research (CMR) report greatly exceeded our expectations and allowed us to make detailed, informed decisions technically and commercially.