Budget Highlights: Commercial Space

NASA is working to foster a robust commercial ecosystem in low Earth orbit (LEO). The FY 2023 Budget seeks to invest in U.S. innovation and strengthen NASA’s position as a leader in exploration, science, innovation, and discovery. The Artemis Program and human missions to Mars are some of the areas of focus for the FY23 budget. The budget also provides funding to support technology development by commercial partners to increase U.S. space capabilities. [1]

The FY 2023 NASA budget request is totaled at $25,973.8 million. The following are the budget breakdowns by agency.

  • Deep Space Exploration Systems: $7,478.3 million
  • Space Operations: $4,266.3 million
  • Space Technology Science: $1,437.9 million
  • Aeronautics: $971.5 million
  • STEM Engagement: $150.1 million
  • Safety, Security, and Mission Services: $3,208.7 million
  • Construction and Environmental Compliance & Restoration: $424.3 million
  • Inspector General: $48.4 million[2]

Space Operations has a focus on commercial partnerships. The breakdown of the budget for this agency is included below.

  • International Space Station: $1,307.5 million
    • ISS operations through 2030 and transition to commercial LEO destinations
    • Development of commercial ecosystem in low Earth orbit
    • Expanding public-private partnerships and research using ISS[3]
  • Space Transportation: $1,759.5 million
    • Support for the Crew and Cargo Program and Commercial Crew Production to continue NASA’s collaboration with commercial industry for vehicles to transport humans to space.[4]
  • Space and Flight Support: $975.0 million
  • Commercial LEO Development: $224.3 million
    • Collaborating with commercial partners to design LEO destinations from which services can be purchased to expand commercial LEO activities.
    • Encourage human presence in LEO from government and private sector to support the utilization of space.
    • Work with ISS to develop customers of commercial space stations[5]

Updated November 2022 by Erin Bennett