Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT)

The Chief Technologist for NASA serves as the Administrator’s chief advisor and advocates on agency-wide technology programs and policies. The Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT) directly manages all of NASA’s Space Technology programs, which are housed within the Space Technology Mission Directorate, as well as coordinates and tracks all technology investments across the agency. In addition, OCT serves as NASA’s technology point of entry and contact with other government agencies, academia, and the commercial aerospace community. OTC also develops and executes technology partnerships, technology transfer and commercial activities for NASA. The leadership team for the OCT includes the Chief Technologist, Deputy Chief Technologist, Strategic Integration Lead, Science and Technology Partnerships Lead, and the Agency Lead for Innovation. There are also designated Center Chief Technologists—10 in total, one for each of the NASA field centers.[1]

Source: OCT Organizational Structure

The OTC developed and released the 2017 NASA Strategic Technology Investment Plan, a document that guides the agency’s innovative technology investments in accomplishing space exploration, aeronautical advancement, and planetary and astronomical research goals.

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