With $5,895.0 million requested, highlights of the FY2019 budget request for Science include:

  • “Launches a new Lunar Discovery and Exploration Program, taking advantage of emerging commercial capabilities to deliver science and technology payloads to the surface of the Moon.
  • $2,234.7 million for Planetary Science, keeping on track the Mars 2020 rover (2020 launch) and Europa Clipper (2025 launch). Continues formulation of the New Frontiers candidates CAESAR and Dragonfly, and development of the Discovery missions Lucy and Psyche.
  • $1,784.2 million for Earth Science, includes launches of GRACE Follow-On, ICESat-2, ECOSTRESS, and GEDI. Supports continued and expanded commercial partnerships with low-Earth orbit and geostationary hosted payloads and pilot NASA purchases of data products from commercial small satellite constellations. Proposes the termination of PACE, OCO-3, DSCOVR Earth-viewing instruments, and CLARREO Pathfinder given higher priorities within NASA. In January 2018 NASA cancelled the Radiation Budget Instrument due to cost and technical challenges.
  • $1,185.4 million for Astrophysics, supporting launch of the James Webb Space Telescope in 2019. Terminates WFIRST due to it significant cost and higher priorities elsewhere within NASA. Funding made available from the proposed termination is redirected towards future competed missions and research.
  • $690.7 million for Heliophysics, supporting the DRIVE initiative and research to improve space weather observation, forecasting, and modeling.
  • Continues formulation and development of over 40 missions and operation of over 60 missions producing leading-edge science.
  • Funds over 10,000 U.S. scientists in universities, industry, and government labs through over 3,000 openly competed research awards.” [1]

Updated September 2018 by Rachel Werth

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