The FY 2023 budget request for Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration ($424.3 million) is split between two themes: Construction of Facilities ($348.1 million) and Environmental Compliance and Restoration ($76.2 million).[1]

The Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration (CECR) uses funds for many activities including:

  • New facility construction / infrastructure replacement or updates
  • Construction and repair support via facilities and infrastructure solutions
  • Unneeded and degraded facility demolition
  • Energy and water savings investment
  • Regulations, mandates, and general best practices compliance to protect environmental, general public, and NASA employee health and wellness[2]

Significant projects for FY 2023 include:

  • “Replace the Wallops Island Causeway Bridge at Wallops Island, a component facility of GSFC;
  • Construct the Aircraft Logistics and Operations Facility at JSC;
  • Replace the electrical distribution equipment in the South Wing of the
  • Operations and CheckoutBuilding at KSC;
  • Modify the launch infrastructure at KSD;
  • Rehabilitate the HVAC system in KSC's Launch Control Center (LCC); and
  • Complete the beam waveguide antennae at the Goldstone and Canberra Deep Space Communication.”[3]

The CECR and Safety Security Mission Services (SSMR) accounts maintain NASA’s infrastructure through the Mission Support Directorate.[4]

Mission Support Directorate (MSD) Organization Chart:

Source: NASA

Updated November 2022, by Jackie Johnson