Since its inception in 1958, NASA has overseen hundreds of missions focusing on human spaceflight, unmanned exploration of the solar system, Earth observation, and deep space sensing. Today, NASA manages over 200 missions and several more missions preparing for launch. By topic, these missions include: EarthHumans in SpaceSolar System, and the Universe.

More on NASA Missions

NASA Missions A-Z, provides a list of and links to NASA Missions.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) sources, also speak to NASA Missions, as follows:

More on Mission Developments

Several mission developments are spotlighted in this Space Portal, including satellite networks, space station, rovers, spacecraft, robotics developments and more, representing the many facets of NASA’s science and technology research. For an overview of the developments introduced in this section, click on their names in the navigation bar above. Each link provides a more detailed summary, including key players, technologies, and accomplishments. Note that this is just a snapshot of some of the many developments underway at NASA. Below are links to the NASA webpages for each of the featured mission developments.

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