NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC provides overall guidance and direction to the agency, under the leadership of the Administrator, Jim Bridenstine. The four Mission Directorates are based at NASA Headquarters. However, much of the work performed by NASA is done elsewhere. Ten field centers and a variety of installations conduct the day-to-day work, in laboratories, on airfields, in wind tunnels and in control rooms. (Source: NASA)

The map below shows the locations for each center, which are spread across the country.

Source: NASA

Each center is charged with administering NASA programs. A brief overview of NASA locations and the areas in which they conduct research follows:

Ames Research Center
IT, fundamental aeronautics, bio and space science technologies
Director: Eugene L. Tu

Armstrong Flight Research Center
Flight research
Director: David D. McBride

Glenn Research Center
Aeropropulsion and communications technologies.
Director: Janet Kavandi

Goddard Space Flight Center

Earth, the solar system, and universe observations, and space communications and navigation
Director: Christopher J. Scolese

Agency leadership
Executive Director, HQ Operations: Jay Henn

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Robotic exploration of the solar system
Director: Michael Watkins

Johnson Space Center
Human space exploration
Director: Mark S. Geyer

Kennedy Space Center
Prepare and launch missions around the Earth and beyond
Director: Robert Cabana

Langley Research Center
Aviation and space research
Director: Dave Bowles

Marshall Space Flight Center
Space transportation and propulsion technologies
Director: Todd May

Stennis Space Center
Rocket propulsion testing and remote sensing technology
Director: Richard J. Gilbrech

Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Broad study of global climate change
Director: Gavin A. Schmidt

Independent Verification and Validation Facility
Provides safety and cost-effectiveness for mission critical software
Director: Gregory D. Blaney

Michoud Assembly Facility
Manufacture and assembly of critical hardware for exploration vehicles

NASA Engineering and Safety Center
Independent testing, analysis, and assessments of NASA’s high-risk projects
Director: Tim Wilson

NASA Safety Center
Development of personnel, processes and tools needed for the safe and successful achievement of strategic goals
Director: Alan Phillips

NASA Shared Service Center
Financial management, human resources, information technology, and procurement
Executive Director: Anita Harrell

Wallops Flight Facility
Suborbital Research Programs
Director: William Wrobel

Source: NASA

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