Strategic Partnerships  

In keeping with NASA’s Strategic Plan, which seeks to make NASA science and technology accessible to solve problems here on earth. Strategic partnerships works with entities from the commercial, academic, and other external sectors to identify and facilitate partnering opportunities to develop technologies that provide alternatives for NASA’s Mission Directorates.



Technology Transfer Program

NASA’s Technology Transfer Program provides an outlet for NASA-developed technologies to be made available to the public.

NASA offers several resources for those interested in pursuing partnerships:

Strategic Integration

NASA’s Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy is a merger of the Office of Strategic Engagements and Assessments and the Office of the Chief Technologist. The purpose of OTPS is to support NASA leadership in developing and guiding the agency’s activities across the six mission directorates.  In addition, the group oversees activities related to the Technology Taxonomy and develops NASA’s Strategic Technology Investment Plan.

NASA Center Partnerships

NASA has different arms with different technology focuses and therefore their own partnership information.

NASA Partnerships Points of Contact

NASA provides people to contact if interested in partnership opportunities. The information on points of contact can be found here.

Updated by Erin Bennett, October 2022