LEO and Spaceflight Operations 

The FY 2021 Budget for the low Earth orbit (LEO) and Spaceflight Operations ($4,187.3 million) account consists of four areas: (1) International Space Station ($1,400.7 million), (2) Space Transportation ($1,877.8 million), (3) Space and Flight Support ($758.7 8million), and (4) Commercial LEO Development ($150.0 million). [1]

  • Through the International Space Station (ISS), NASA meets its own requirements for research and technology development while also supporting a burgeoning community of non-NASA users. Over time, NASA has been and will continue to transition various aspects of human spaceflight operations in LEO to the private sector .
  • Space Transportation continues NASA’s partnership with U.S. commercial space industry to develop and operate safe, reliable, and affordable systems to transport crew to and from the ISS and LEO.
  • Space and Flight Support provides mission-critical space communications and navigation services to customer missions, including human spaceflight, science, and commercial crew and cargo missions.
  • Commercial LEO Development Stimulates a commercial LEO space economy by partnering with U.S. private industry to enable development of LEO capabilities.  

Updated October 2020, by Kevine Lidoro