LEO and Spaceflight Operations 

Low-Earth orbit (LEO) and Spaceflight Operations includes such programs as the International Space Station (ISS), Space Transportation, Space and Flight Support, and Commercial LEO Development. For this segment, the NASA FY2019 budget requests a total of $4,624.6 million. Several highlights are provided below:

  • “Initiates a new Commercial LEO Development effort, initially funded with $150 million in FY 2019, for NASA to encourage and fund the development of new commercial orbital platforms and capabilities for use by the private sector and NASA.
  • Continues commercial development of U.S. crew transportation systems that will support the International Space Station beginning in 2019, building on the success of commercial cargo transportation services.

Continues use of the International Space Station as a platform to identify and quantify risks to human health and performance, develop countermeasures, and develop and test technologies that will protect astronauts during extended human exploration missions; conduct world class science to improve life on Earth; and further commercial activities in LEO. Ends direct federal support for ISS in 2025.” [1]

Updated September 2018 by Rachel Werth

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