Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

Rear Admiral Tom J. Anderson, Acting Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command[1]

The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) operates numerous activities that provide engineering, scientific, technical and logistical expertise, products and support to the Fleet, Department of Defense, and other customers. NAVSEA is comprised of 86,886 (as of 1 Oct 2023) civilian and military personnel.[2] [3] NAVSEA’s mission is to “design, build, deliver and maintain ships and systems on time and on cost for the United States Navy.”[4] The SYSCOM’s Vision follows:

“We are the nation’s team accountable for the health of the Navy’s ships. We purposefully operate to ensure the U.S. Navy can protect and defend America. We must be supported by a modern, efficient industrial base. We must be a world-class employer of choice that inspires innovation. We must set the value-added standard for acquisition, engineering, business and maintenance.” [4] 


NAVSEA’s five affiliated PEOs are tasked with all aspects of life-cycle management for related programs. PEOs report to the NAVSEA commander for planning and direction of in-service support and to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN(RDA)) for procurement matters.[5]

NAVSEA PEOs include:

  • PEO Ships
  • PEO Unmanned & Small Combatants
  • PEO Attack Submarines
  • PEO Strategic Submarines
  • PEO Undersea Warfare Systems
  • PEO Integrated Warfare Systems
  • PEO Aircraft Carriers[3]

NAVSEA Organization Chart

Source: U.S. Navy[3]

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