Major General Turner, Acting Deputy Commandant Plans, Policies, and Operations [1]

The Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations (DC, PP&O) performs dual missions. The first duty is as the Operations Deputy (OpsDep) for the Commandant on all Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) issues. In this capacity, the DC, PP&O is the liaison between the Marine Corps (as one of the four Services) and the joint and combined efforts of the JCS, Commanders-in-Chief, and allied and foreign defense agencies. The DC PP&O is also responsible for coordinating the development and execution of service plans and policies pertaining to the structure, deployment, and employment of Marine Corps forces.

The Plans, Policies, and Operations (PP&O) Department serves as the Commandant’s principal staff agency for the development and delivery of a broad spectrum of concepts, plans, and policies; and to oversee the execution and implementation of these policies.[2]

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