Vice Adm. William K. Lescher, DCNO Integration of Capabilities and Resources (N8)

DCNO for Integration of Capabilities and Resources (CNO N8) supervises and coordinates the Navy’s capability study analyses and assessments; allocates and integrates the Navy’s resources and requirements in the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBES); and, determines technical guidance. Specifically, CNO N8 develops warfare studies and performs analysis of Navy warfare, support and force level capabilities needed to deliver current and future readiness for various resource sponsors. In addition, the office provides independent warfare assessments related to existing and potential Navy priorities, concepts and programs to determine capability and capacity.[1]

In 2012, CNO realigned OPNAV staff and made N8 responsible for integration of capabilities and resources. The organization is now comprised of the directors for Programming (N80), Assessments (N81), Fiscal Management (N82), Navy-Joint Capabilities and Integration (N83), Innovation, Test and Evaluation, and Technology Requirements (N84), and Special Programs (N89). The director of Test and Evaluation and Technology Requirements was originally N091 but has been realigned to N84 to enhance understanding of future systems science and technology (S&T) needs as well as to improve the effectiveness of S&T investments. In addition, the Naval Warfare Integration Group, N00X, has been transferred to N81 to better implement the OPNAV assessment process.[2]


Updated by Kristin Stiner, February 2020

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