The Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) recently realigned its organizational structure to rapidly equip the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) with the technology and tools required to overcome adverse environments. MCSC supports MAGTF through command and control, force protection, maneuver, fires, logistics and intelligence. In so doing, the command has transitioned from its former structure of nine program offices with 32 product managers and 87 teams to a new MAGTF-aligned structure that features four portfolios aligned across MAGTF elements except for Air Combat Element. The command is realigned under four portfolio managers with twelve of the 14 program managers aligned within. The program managers for Training Systems and Light Armored Vehicles continue to report directly to the MSCS commander.[1]

Portfolio managers (PfMs) and program managers (PMs) include:

  • PfM Command Element Systems (CES)
    • PM Intelligence Systems
    • PM Command & Control Systems
    • PM Communications Systems
  • PfM Ground Combat Element Systems (GCES)
    • PM Infantry Weapons
    • PM Fire Support Systems
    • PM Long Range Fires
  • PfM Logistics Combat Element Systems (LCES)
    • PM Engineer Systems
    • PM Supply & Maintenance Systems
    • PM Ammunition
    • PM Light Tactical Vehicles (LTV)
    • PM Medium/Heavy Tactical Vehicles (MHTV)
  • Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA)
  • PM Ammunition
  • PM Wargaming Capability
  • PM Training Systems (TRASYS)
  • PM Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations (MCCO)[2]

Updated by Kristin Stiner, December 2023