VICE ADMIRAL RICKY L. WILLIAMSON; Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Fleet Readiness and Logistics, N4, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

CNO N4, Fleet Readiness and Logistics, serves as the resource sponsor for operational logistics and supply chain support. The office determines requirements and allocates resources to provide logistics support in such areas as ordnance, supply, energy, distribution, and Military Sealift Command operated strategic mobility, combat logistics, tug, rescue, and salvage platforms. Further, N4 assesses requirements for spares, integrated logistics support, aviation depot maintenance, ships operations, ship depot maintenance, Navy Expeditionary Combat Enterprise, aviation logistics and support, ship support, fleet training, and training ranges. In regard to Navy shore readiness, N4 also serves as the single policy and assessment sponsor and primary resource sponsor for shore capabilities including facilities and infrastructure, base realignment and closure, fleet operations support, installation safety and security, installation facility support, Sailor and family readiness, shore anti-terrorism measures and more. [1]

Updated by Kristin Stiner, November 2023